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Addie by Mind Map: Addie

1. Analyze

1.1. Interview stakeholders

1.1.1. What are the needs

1.1.2. Who are the learners?

1.1.3. What previous knowledge they have?

1.1.4. What are the time constraints?

1.1.5. What are technological constraints?

2. Design

2.1. What is the main objectives?

2.2. What modules will be necessary to address each objective?

2.3. What activities will be in each module?

2.4. How long will be each module?

2.5. How will be the assessment?

2.6. How to give feedback to students?

2.7. Develop a Storyboard and a Prototype

3. Develop

3.1. Develop each module

3.2. Test everything

3.3. Test integration to LMS

4. Implement

4.1. Enroll Students

4.2. Monitor

4.3. Correct bugs

4.4. Collect feedback

5. Evaluate

5.1. Were the objectives met?

5.2. Are there other new objectives?

5.3. Any module or activity needs modification?