Political Commitees

A campaign finance 101 map that illustrates a variety of entities whose campaign spending is regulated by the feds. Includes links and notes to FEC campaign guides.

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Political Commitees by Mind Map: Political Commitees

1. Candidate

1.1. Authorized Committees

1.1.1. Principal Campaign Committee

1.1.2. Joint-Fundraising Committee

2. PACs

2.1. NonConnected

2.1.1. Leadership PACs

2.2. SSFs

2.2.1. Corp. PACs

2.2.2. Labor PACs

3. Party Committees

3.1. National Party Committee

3.1.1. DNC, RNC

3.1.2. DCCC, NRCC

3.1.3. DSCC, NRSC

3.2. State Party Committee

3.3. Local Party Committee