Our team will tackle the problem of not getting enough sleep while travelling. For a better over...

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Our team will tackle the problem of not getting enough sleep while travelling. For a better overview - click on "start presenation" or "Präsentation starten" by Mind Map: Our team will tackle the problem of not getting enough sleep while travelling.  For a better overview - click on "start presenation" or "Präsentation starten"

1. good body position

1.1. head

1.1.1. a seat that holds your head

1.1.2. a seat with inflatable neckrest

1.1.3. A normal hat, that can be converted into a pillow hat

1.1.4. an inflatable neckrest that you can hide in the collar of your shirt

1.1.5. an kind of rubberband that helps to hold your head not falling on your neighbours shoulder

1.1.6. a pillow, with an adjustable size, so that it always perfectly fits between your hat and the seat, window, wall...

1.2. legs

1.2.1. inflatable leg stand

1.2.2. anti-thrombose leg massage-pants

1.3. full body

1.3.1. a seat that adjusts automatically to your size

1.3.2. sleepmode seat

1.3.3. a seat cover, that forms automatically the best sitting sleeping position for you

1.3.4. backside of seat in front of you should have a place for your legs to fit in, no sharp edges for tall people

1.3.5. pillow walls to rest your head left or right of your seat

1.3.6. backside of seat in front of you has a pillow that you can pull out for the perfect neck position

1.3.7. backside of seat with a pillow shaped like the face-part of a massage-couch, so that you don’t have to tilt your neck and can just put your face in the whole of the pillow

1.3.8. hammock areas in the train

1.3.9. seats hung up on elastic springs

1.3.10. rocking massage chairs

2. eyes

2.1. Sleepingmask

2.2. hypnotising glasses

2.3. hypnotising goggles, so that it is dark around you

2.4. Chuck Norris would: tell the sun to go away so that you can have darkness

3. alround solutions

3.1. sleeping pills that are also anti muscle tension pills so that you can sleep in any position and your muscles won’t heart afterwards

3.2. sleeping package of sleeping mask, earplugs and neckpillow

3.3. in your clothes

3.3.1. hoodie including inflatable neckpillow and sleeping mask in the hood

3.3.2. A normal hat, that can be converted into a pillow hat that covers ears and eyes

3.4. earplugs (the really soundproof ones) with integrated meditation music

3.5. pillow with integrated music

3.6. in the train, car or plain

3.6.1. suit that covers your whole body and brings you in the right sleeping position, wakes u up, when you have to get off, plays music, gives you hydrogen like in this air-breathing-studios...

3.7. hypnotising goggles combined with the meditation sound-ear plugs

4. feeling of privacy and safety

4.1. a mask of yourself awake that you can hide behind so nobody sees you sleeping, snoring and drooling

4.2. double armrests in seats so that you do not have to fight with your seatneighbour for the armrest

4.3. very tiny little cabins around your seat, that you can close

4.4. curtains that you can close between you and your neighbour

4.5. Harry Potter would: hang an invisible and soundproof cotton filled cloack around you that you can very comforably sleep in

4.6. Harry Potter would: jinx you

4.7. cocon seats

5. others

5.1. in Stoibers world you even do not need something because you go into the train and in 10 minutes ….

6. medical solutions

6.1. gas that comes out of your seat

6.2. strong alcohol

6.3. drugs

6.4. botox for your neck and head so that they stay in position whithout requiring a pillow or wall to lean against

6.5. full body anastesia

6.6. Harry Potter would prpare a magic potion

7. climate

7.1. a very light satin blanket, that you can cover yourself with

7.2. seat with heating so you don’t get to cold

7.3. cooling or heating shoes (if it is too hot or too cold)

8. silence

8.1. the anti snoring curtain for neighbours

8.2. areas where snoring is forbidden

8.3. areas where children are forbidden

8.4. areas where talking is forbidden

8.5. areas where cell-phones are forbidden

8.6. noise cancelation ( active) in your clothes

8.7. Chuck Norris would make all people shut up for you

9. relaxing

9.1. seat should also a have a massage-function

9.2. meditation music and sounds that come out of your seat

9.3. earplugs (the really soundproof ones) with integrated meditation music

9.4. pillow with integrated music

9.5. akupunktur seat...or akupressure. theare are points for sleeping for sure

9.6. autogenes training room

9.7. mummy would: make hot milk with honey

9.8. mummy would: sing a song for me (soft kitty :-)

9.9. mummy would make a making-worrie-away making machine, which you get by entering the train, airplane wte

9.10. mummy would: put her hand on my forehead and say that all the worries go out of my head and that I can fall asleep

9.11. Chuck Norris would: make you count till infinity …. twice... if that doesn’t do it I don’t know what does

9.12. glasses, where you see sheeps jumping over hedges

10. getting people to sleep

10.1. being bored to sleep

10.1.1. recorded german poetry is being read by your pillow/headrest (or whatever)

10.1.2. recorded history-school-books are being played by your pillow/headrest (or whatever)

10.1.3. very boring person on the seat next to you

10.1.4. grandmothers talking about the past in the seat next to you

10.1.5. just show people the second lord of the rings movie - works for me

10.1.6. oh yeah.....limits of control by jim jamusch...ever seen it? megaboring

10.1.7. Angela Merkel would: talk to you till you u do not wanna hear or see her anymore, so u fall asleep

10.1.8. actually listening to Stoiber is also quite good for falling asleep

10.2. getting people tired

10.2.1. party bus or taxi on the way to the train or airport

10.2.2. go partying the day before and do not sleep

10.2.3. Sport areas in waiting areas of airports and train stations

10.2.4. airport and train station parties to make people tired

10.2.5. party cars in the train to make you sleepy

10.2.6. Sport car in the train to make you tired,

10.2.7. mummy would: read a book for me

10.3. hammer on the head

10.4. at least for the guys: have sex before you board the train/plain

10.4.1. the hypnotising glasses can also make you think you just had sex, maybe that is enough

10.4.2. sex room

10.5. superman would: punch you in the face and knock you out

10.6. superman would: hold you in his arms like a baby

10.7. Angela Merkel would: send you on a strict diet which makes you so weak that you automatically fall aslep