Petroleum: A fossil Fuel

Team members: Kiara Sanchez, Facundo Chipana, Vincenzo Llanos

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Petroleum: A fossil Fuel by Mind Map: Petroleum: A fossil Fuel

1. Concept

1.1. Smelly mixture of lots of compouds

1.2. Most are hydrocarbons

1.2.1. contains carbon hydrogen

2. Uses

2.1. Transportation

2.1.1. Cars

2.1.2. Ships

2.1.3. Trucks

2.1.4. Planes

2.2. Heat

2.2.1. Factories

2.2.2. Homes

2.2.3. Power Stations

2.3. Starting chemicals

2.3.1. to make Plastics Shampoo Paint Makeup Medical drugs Fabric

3. Also known as

3.1. Crude oil

4. The fossil fuels

4.1. Petroleum

4.1.1. Remains of dead organisms that lived millions of years ago animals plants

4.2. Coal

4.2.1. Remains of lush vegetation

4.3. Natural gas

4.3.1. Mainly methane

4.3.2. Stay all deep on the earth

5. Non-renewable resource

5.1. Forming very slowly under the oceans

5.2. It runs out faster

5.2.1. while using it on the wrong way

6. Possible replacaments

6.1. Renewable resouces

6.1.1. Solar energy from sunlight

6.1.2. Geothermal energy from the heat of the earth

6.1.3. Wind energy from the force of the wind

6.1.4. Hydropower energy from flowing water

6.1.5. Biomass energy from plants