I can't sleep! There is so much noise!

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I can't sleep! There is so much noise! by Mind Map: I can't sleep! There is so much noise!

1. Party in the street

2. Complain to municipality

3. Call the police

4. chat with the owner of the bar

5. Spears called to order

6. Hire a security guard

7. Collect signatures to close the bar

8. Listen music at home

9. Get drunk

10. Evenings run to tired

11. Headphones

12. Invite peacekeepers

13. Pay people to be silent

14. Open a rival bar a bit further away

15. Explanation

16. Live in wardrobe

17. Stay awake

18. Kick to ass

19. Organize a meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses at the same time

20. Get into the swing

21. Yoga

22. What I can do?

23. Pillow on the ear

24. Earplugs

25. Build a soundproof house

26. Close the window

27. Build a wall

28. Join the party

29. Leave at home

30. spend the night at the hotel

31. Go to at parents

32. Use bulldozer

33. Sirens start up

34. Play loud opera music

35. Move to other room

36. Sell the house

37. Move out

38. Villagers convene together and do something about it

39. Buy a new bed

40. Pray to God

41. Sleep in the day

42. Sleep in street

43. Put a bomb

44. Let the dogs out

45. Here are some of the solutions

46. Move to underground