Theoretical Perspective

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Theoretical Perspective by Mind Map: Theoretical  Perspective

1. Behaviorist Perspective

1.1. Behaviorism: Psychology changed dramatically during the 1800's as behaviorism rose dramatically rejecting both the unconsciousness and consciousness of the mind. This theory strove to make Psychology a more scientifically inclined subject by trying to focus on purely observable behaviors. And it had its origins with Ivan Pavlov. Language acquisition is due to a child being conditioned to learn it.

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2. Nativist Perspective

2.1. Nativist Theorist claim that language acquisition is because of an innate biological endowment. The also claim that there is an specific area of the brain that concerns only with language. Noam Chomsky is a big advocate for this theory.

3. Cognitive Perspective

3.1. Piaget developed the theory that children do not have the capacity to comprehend certain transactions until they are biologically mature.He believed the mind of a child has to progress in order to understand what goes on around them.

4. Interactionist Perspective

4.1. Vigotsky in his theory he attempts to explain how children are able to acquire their language through social development and social interactions.