MSMP Itemization Task List

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MSMP Itemization Task List by Mind Map: MSMP Itemization Task List

1. Non Profit Outreach

1.1. Create list of Regional Candidates

1.1.1. Also compile list of sponsoring organizations for each Non Profit

1.2. Sparrows

1.2.1. Follow Up with Board Member about Les Schwab

1.2.2. Could Sparrow Club be a Regional Non Profit partner

2. Webinar Series

2.1. Instant Teleseminar

2.2. Process Payments

2.2.1. Google

2.2.2. PayPal

2.3. Landing Pages

2.3.1. Kajabi

2.3.2. Joomla

2.3.3. WordPress Plug-Ins

3. Website / Emails

3.1. Account Creation

3.2. Website Creation

3.3. Email Templates

3.4. Email Account Setup (iContact)

3.4.1. Auto Responder Series

3.4.2. Map Out Schedule

3.5. Design Approval Feedback

4. Workshop

4.1. Outline of Workshop (speech)

4.2. Survey Form to Fill Out

5. General Outline / Schedule of Social Media Action Items

5.1. Outline of 1st Year Draft (Topics)

5.2. Review Outline & see where we can bring added value for Level 2 & Level 3