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Final by Mind Map: Final

1. Ethics

1.1. Metaethics

1.1.1. Moral Objectivism Ideal Observer Theory Divine Judgement Theory Divine Command Theory What is it? Problems With It

1.1.2. Moral Skepticism Moral Relativism Cultural Relativism Subjectivism Moral Nihilism Error Theory Emotivism

1.2. Ethical Theories

1.2.1. Moral Egoism What is it? Why is this a problem? Why Me? Paradigm Cases

1.2.2. Utilitarianism What is it? What does it have going for it? What's wrong? Doctrine of Double Effect Cases that make us uncomfortable

1.2.3. Kantian Ethics Hypothetical Imperatives The Important Ones The Principle of Humanity The Principle of Universality

1.3. Applied Ethics

1.3.1. Abortion the Standard Argument

1.3.2. Thompson Expanding Child Famous Violinist People Seeds

2. Skepticism

2.1. Justification

2.1.1. weakly justified good reasons reliable sources

2.1.2. strongly justified conclusive reasons infallible sources

2.2. Mundane Skep.

2.2.1. What is it?

2.2.2. How Does Descartes Defeat It? Wait...How is that Supposed to Work? Wait...Does That Work? Hey! That's Circular! Wait...I Thought We had Arguments Against the Existence of God.

2.3. Global Skep.

2.3.1. What Is It?

2.3.2. How Does Descartes Defeat It?

2.4. Inductive Skep.

2.4.1. The Future Resembles the Past

3. Justice

3.1. If Justice is Utilitarian

3.1.1. What does this mean for distributions of wealth (inequalities)

3.1.2. Argument from Prevention Principle of Prevention Drowning Child Hungry Child

3.1.3. Problem -Overgeneralization Charity Sex Organ Donation

3.2. If It Is Rights Based

3.2.1. Types of Rights

3.2.2. General Principle About Rights

3.2.3. Relationship to Duties

3.3. Justice as Fairness

3.3.1. This Isn't on the Exam. Why Did You Click This. Weren't You in Class Monday!