Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men by Mind Map: Of Mice and Men

1. characters

1.1. George

1.1.1. He tries to make up for his height with his personality since he's short, he tries to act big and fiercs I think lennie helps with that because it makes George feel like he has power

1.2. Lennie

1.2.1. He just tries to make sure he doesn't dissapoint George after all the times that George told him what to do, he now automatically thinks that george is in charge of him

1.3. Candy

1.3.1. i think candy wants to be in the little dream plan with George and Lennie because he's had a long life and wants to the end to be happy and hopeful

1.4. Crooks

1.4.1. I think crooks has been through a lot of discrimination, and thats why he's so rough with people when they come to his room. but wen Lennie comes, Crooks realizes that Lennie is clueless and won't judge him.

2. Questions

2.1. What kind of relationship do Curley and his wife have?

3. Conflicts

4. Ideas

4.1. friendship

4.2. companionship

4.3. responsibility