Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men by Mind Map: Of Mice and Men

1. Conflicts

1.1. George VS Lennie

1.2. George VS Self

1.3. Lennie vs Curley

2. Charcters

2.1. George

2.1.1. Small guy that takes care of Lennie

2.2. Lennie

2.2.1. Big guy that has a mental disability and is very strong

2.3. Curley

2.3.1. A married man who likes to fight men bigger than him

2.4. Candy

2.4.1. An old man in the ranch who owns a really old dog

2.5. Carlson

2.5.1. The man that shot Candy's dog

2.6. Curley's Wife

2.6.1. Married to Curley and sleeps with other men

2.7. Crooks

2.7.1. Gets his name from his crooked back and is black and isolated from the ranch people

3. Ideas

3.1. Responsibility

3.1.1. George is responsible for Lennie. Candy thinks he should've shot his dog because he feels responsible for it

3.2. Segregation

3.2.1. Crooks is segregated from the ranch people because of his skin color

3.3. Friendship

3.3.1. George and Lennie have a unique friendship

3.4. Loneliness

3.4.1. Curley's wife feels lonely

3.5. Hope

3.5.1. George and Lennie have hope that they will have a good future and live in a ranch

4. Questions

4.1. Why do you think George is taking such good care of Lennie?

4.2. Why do you think Candy agreed to kill his dog?