Perspective 1: No Giving Up, No Gain

Adapted from "Comment 1"

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Perspective 1: No Giving Up, No Gain by Mind Map: Perspective 1: No Giving Up, No Gain

1. 3) The key start up challenges Zhang faced

1.1. Unclear business goals (planning and positioning)

1.2. Poor preparations

1.2.1. Initial prep determines fate of project by 80%

1.3. Communication Gaps

1.4. Risk Management

2. 2) How the project should have been approached by the organizations (before the project manager was involved).

2.1. Both sides should have

2.1.1. chosen carefully what and what not to do because resources are limited

2.1.2. focused more on getting a real system in operation

2.2. IT company cannot do everything

2.2.1. segment market carefully to id customers

2.2.2. choose some and give up the rest

2.2.3. with products work intensively on core products develop USPs have clear positioning, find/keep focus,

3. 1) The risks, especially preexisting risks in the category “client” and/or “organization”

3.1. Both sides are

3.1.1. Unreasonably ambitious

3.1.2. Not adequately prepared

3.1.3. Unwilling to give up anything

3.2. Kaye

3.2.1. ambiguous business needs

3.2.2. poorly defined departmental responsibilities Masaku

3.2.3. Zhou Yuan

3.3. Yida

3.3.1. SOW not specifically defined

3.3.2. calcuating income based on % of project complete