Pathways of Gene regulation

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Pathways of Gene regulation by Mind Map: Pathways of Gene regulation

1. Amino acid

1.1. Heterodimeric amino-acid transporter

1.1.1. RAG GTPase activation interact with RAPTOR mTOR localization

2. RTK

2.1. RTK class I (EGF receptor family)(ErbB family)

2.1.1. ErbB-1, also named epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)

2.1.2. ErbB-2, also named HER2 in humans and neu in rodents

2.1.3. ErbB-3, also named HER3

2.1.4. ErbB-4, also named HER4

2.2. RTK class II (Insulin receptor family) insulin, IGF-I and IGF-II

2.2.1. IRS1 Grb2 binds the P-Tyr residue of IRS-1 in its SH2 domain SOS (GEF=GDP-->GTP) PI3K PIP2-->PIP3

2.2.2. IRS2

2.2.3. Src

2.2.4. SH-2B

2.2.5. APS

2.2.6. PTP1B

2.3. RTK class III (PDGF receptor family)

2.3.1. PLCy: PtdIns(4,5)P2--> DAG +IP3 IP3 Ca2+ channels on ER DAG PKC

2.4. RTK class IV (FGF receptor family)

2.5. RTK class V (VEGF receptors family)

2.6. RTK class VI (HGF receptor family)

2.7. RTK class VII (Trk receptor family)

2.8. RTK class VIII (Eph receptor family)

2.9. RTK class IX (AXL receptor family)

2.10. RTK class X (LTK receptor family)

2.11. RTK class XI (TIE receptor family)

2.12. RTK class XII (ROR receptor family)

2.13. RTK class XIII (DDR receptor family)

2.14. RTK class XIV (RET receptor family)

2.15. RTK class XV (KLG receptor family)

2.16. RTK class XVI (RYK receptor family)

2.17. RTK class XVII (MuSK receptor family)


3.1. Leptin

3.1.1. Jak2 SOCS3 SHP-2 GRB2 STAT3 and STAT5 Translocation to the nucleus PI3K