Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution by Mind Map: Industrial Revolution

1. Cause

1.1. Advancement in Technology

1.2. Increase in population

1.3. No major wars

1.4. Invention of the steam engine

1.5. Abundance of coal for fuel

1.6. Stable Economy

1.7. Cotton industry

1.8. Banking system

1.9. Capitalism

1.10. New transport systems

2. Consequences

2.1. Advancement in weapons

2.2. Change in balance of power

2.3. Migration of people to cities

2.4. Factories

2.5. Growth of Capitalism

2.6. Less labour required for agricultural work

2.7. Political changes

2.8. Bad work conditions

2.9. Women and children worked

2.10. Expansion of world trade

2.11. Decline of landed aristocracy

2.12. Increased deadliness of war

2.13. Urban slums

2.14. Science and research stimulated

2.15. Increased standard of living

2.16. Increased government involvement in society

2.17. Rise of power for business people

2.18. Specialization in factories

2.19. Development and growth in cities

2.20. Increase in leisure time

2.21. Mass production of goods

2.22. Improved status of women

2.23. Poor sanitary conditions in cities

2.24. Decrease in prices

3. Course

3.1. Austrian decrease in power

3.2. New German Empire formed

3.3. Russia decrease in power

3.4. Great Britain main power in Europe