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Joyful Jubilant Learning September 2007 by Mind Map: Joyful Jubilant Learning September 2007
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Joyful Jubilant Learning September 2007

Courageous Heart

"You can live with pain. You can live with embarrassment. Remorse is an awful companion." "Don"t let fear convince you that you"re too weak to have courage. Fear is the opportunity for courage, not proof of cowardice

Stay With Tasks

Use Wisdom to Manage Risk

Influence Change

Make Waves

Lead the Way

Is there Value in Learning for the Sake of Learning?







Real Leadership Starts with Trust

Character Makes Trust Possible

Trust Makes Leadership Possible

New Voices are Tooting Sweetly!

Learning to Live Large!


Ask Better Questions




Uncover Your New Best

What difference will you make? It’s your choice.

What kind of difference are you making?

It is all about the choices you make.

Doing what's important vs. urgent.

The Law of Intuition: What do you think you know?

Leadership is a learned skill

How does learning help your intuition?

Learning how to ask great questions

Blog Action Day: October 15th


What is Your Lighthouse?

Constructive Beacon

Destructive Beacons

Entrepreneurs Make a Difference

They Add Value

Small Incremental Improvements

Incremental IS Innovation

Incremental Growth Becomes Economic Growth

Celebrate Your Local Entrepreneur

Make a Difference




10 Commitments for Parents

Be What We Want Our Children to Be

I am convinced that the things I learned 10 1/2 years ago are true still today. My children have taught me more than I will ever teach them. If I want my children to be happy, productive, fulfilled members of society, I have to be that first. Regardless of what I do professionally, I will never impact the world greater than how I release my children into it. ~ April Groves

High Quality Interactions

In a high-quality connection, people feel more engaged, more open, more competent. They feel more alive. High-quality connections can have a profound impact on both individuals and entire organizations.

A Moment of Difference

Practice Active Listening

Ignite the Energy Within

Be Mindful of Your Interactions

A Harbor in the Tempest

We All Need Place to Purge

Barnstable does it right

Pat Riley: The Winner Within: A Life Plan for Team Players

Listen to Stronger by Kanye West

To Grow: You Need to Trust Each Other

Koa: Courage

The Hawaiian Value of Courage

Flash Back for Rosa

From Manager to Leader

Resolution, Conviction, Emotional Strength

Make a Difference for Ourselves First

Leadership Qualities

Learning from LIfe

Anxiety Writes the Script

Bias toward filling in the blanks

Suspend Judgment

Goal: Communicate More Clearly

How Smiles and Thank You's Make a Difference

Joy is Infectious

Smiles @ Work

While getting desired business results is a worthy goal and I certainly get a lot of satisfaction from that, I"m looking for something more - a work environment where all involved thrive, truly enjoy their work, and find fulfillment from it.

Thank You's: Small Moments of Energy

Smiles: Leading Indicator of Bottom Line Results

Who's the real leader?

When a Real Leader Speaks People Listen

Leaders Get Things Done

Someone Other Than You Might Best Lead

Create Your Distinction

Ho‘ohanohano: Dignity & Respect

We Sell Ourselves Short

Create Distinction to Conduct Yourself With

Toot Your Own Horn

Manager: What will you be known for?

We have to create something

From Management to Leadership

Work on Ourselves First

How Learning Increases Your Contribution

So, my questions to you are these: Do you know what your purpose is? Do you see the difference you’re here to make, the contribution that you are a part of? And are you actively moving towards a greater expression of it, or have you been coasting?

Two Options

Clarity of Purpose

As We Grow We Sprinkle Learning on Others

A Remarkable Interview with Kevin Eikenberry

Remarkable Leadership

Result of Leaders Actions

Focus: How Leaders Engender Trust

Learning: Foundational Skill of Any Leader

Five Things to Become Remarkable

Help! I Can't Learn Anything Because I'm Disinterested

We Are Learners

We Are Teachers

Which are You?

Picture the Difference

Realizing the power of our words

Capacity to be Remarkable

Inspirational teacher

Mindful of your own interactions

Clear about your purpose and values

JJL University

School Administrator

World History teacher

Gym teacher

English Teacher

School newspaper advisor

Speech teacher

Foreign Language teacher

Football coach

Science Teacher

Mathematics Teacher

American History teacher

Drama & Performing Arts

Band director

Home economics teacher

Debate Coach

Geography teacher

Philosophy teacher

Student Government teacher

The Law of Solid Ground: Trust is the Key to Leaving a Legacy

Being a Trustworthy Leader

Me First or Team First?

Notes to Make a Difference By

If I Had A Million Dollars

Reminder: Take the Blog off the Blog

Podcast Version (MP 3)

Selling myself short

It's hard to make a difference if you don't believe you can

Trusting You Make a Difference

Belief In Yourself

Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

But... I'm not smart enough!

More To Intelligence than just IQ

Brain has amazing plasticity

Who's the person you would really like to be?

Being the Difference: My Solution to Change

Always a Student

Be The Change

Being the Difference


Why I Learn

I keep learning to feed my curiosity

I learn to help

I learn to never stop trying

I learn to put people first

Why do you learn ?

My Ten Gallon Hat

Making impressions on a child

More than love