Essential Question #6: Social Media

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Essential Question #6: Social Media by Mind Map: Essential Question #6: Social Media

1. Economics (consumerism, spending habbits)

1.1. teen spending habbits

1.1.1. we buy clothes

1.1.2. useless crap

1.1.3. not very good with money

1.1.4. don't invest in smart things

1.1.5. influenced by what ads we see on sites

1.2. teens influenced by social media advertising

1.2.1. ex: facebook ads

1.2.2. ex: twitter ads

1.2.3. ex: youtube ads

1.3. economics as a role in teenage life

1.3.1. we are learning to be wise with money

1.3.2. just getting jobs learning in the workplace

1.3.3. we buy stuff then isolate ourselves from people

1.4. social media as a role in economics (advertising)

1.4.1. media sites display ads

1.4.2. teens are influenced by social media, therefore influenced by ads on media sites

2. Technology (smartphones, internet)

2.1. how does it impact your life?

2.1.1. ways it affects you we isolate ourselves from our communities with technology lack of communication social status if you have the best latest and greatest technology, you are looked at as perhaps "cool" and well off.

2.2. school

2.2.1. should these devices be allowed in school yes...with guidelines

2.2.2. rules to ensure safety of students and good digital citizenship access to all accounts

2.2.3. message to teachers about technology be prepared that students may use it irresponsibly

2.3. new advances

2.3.1. contributes to our "iWorld"

3. Technology Conclusion: technology allows us to access social media incredibly easily. They can be used anywhere at any time and any way. The use of technology in the workplace/school must be used appropriately and with caution.

4. Economics Conclusion: in today's society, social media is the most effective way to advertise goods and services and is an extreme tool in the manipulation of teens' habbits

5. Community (lifestyle, environment)

5.1. social media alters the way we view them

5.1.1. we can choose to live isolated lives away from community which is socially acceptable

5.1.2. we communicate mostly through social media and technological devices

5.2. changes within the last 20 years

5.2.1. advances in technology new websites social media new devices tablets music players laptops 3D TVs

5.3. changing the world using technology/social media

5.3.1. grassroots start groups online using social networks

5.3.2. protesting using the internet

6. Politics (grassroots movements)

6.1. grassroots

6.1.1. using online social networks to organize virtual communities more people use the internet rather than traditional advertising, therefore if we share our points of views, concerns and ideas on the internet, people will see them.

6.1.2. how do they impact us we are more aware of them if they are on the internet where we can see them ex: "insert movement title here" group on facebook

6.1.3. use technology to affect politics organize campaigns on social media sites youtube videos on campaigns watch the election online

7. Community Conclusion: Because of social media and technology, communities and the way they function have changed in the past few decades. There have been advances in technology resulting in new devices and websites. We can now use the internet for political purposes as well like grassroots movements.

8. Politics Conclusion: We can now use social media and technology in the political aspects of our lives. politicians can use it to campaign online using various social media sites. We can watch elections online, we can watch the news online or read newspapers. People are more likely to hear/see things on the internet rather than traditional, tangible advertising, therefore using the internet gets people more aware about your issues and/or concerns