Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DS by Mind Map: Nintendo DS

1. Numeracy

1.1. Investigate timezones

1.2. Measure iceflows

1.3. Calculate temperatures

2. Technology

2.1. Design arctic clothing

2.2. Research survival equipment

3. Social Sciences

3.1. Investigate weather and climate

3.2. Research an arctic explorer

3.3. Explore maps of the area

4. Literacy

4.1. Write about arctic exploration

4.2. Read Inuit stories

4.3. Share non-fiction accounts of arctic life

5. Science

5.1. Find out about the Northern Lights

5.2. Investigate ice movement

5.3. Explore a unique feature of the arctic

6. The Arts

6.1. Create a piece of music or art to reflect the arctic enviroment

6.2. Learn how to make an Inuit craft