Restaurant with dishes 500 calories or less

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Restaurant with dishes 500 calories or less by Mind Map: Restaurant with dishes 500 calories or less

1. menu only with dishes containing 500 calories or less

1.1. large variety of delicious options appealing to all types of food enthusiasts

1.2. list of nutritional facts included on menu, as well as caloric content

1.3. pasta section, meat section, vegetarian section, fish section, and American favorite section, including burgers, chicken burgers, salads, and buffalo wings, sacrificing calories, not taste

2. dessert options boasting 200 calories or less

2.1. these desserts will be offered in correlation with the menu items

3. specific dessert menu

3.1. dessert menu with larger portions for diners only interested in eating dessert

3.1.1. these dessert options will contain 500 calories or less

4. marketing to women on dieting programs aged 24-45

4.1. these women are the most likely to eat out

4.2. this market segment is also the most likely to be on a diet of some sort

5. trend: appealing to health conscious American consumers

5.1. women are constantly on diets, this will allow them to embark on social obligations while still fulfulling a health obligations

6. include local farms into business idea: use local products

6.1. adds to brand loyality

6.2. gives back to local community

7. portion of each menu dedicated to popular diets

7.1. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and South Beach diet accepted foods

8. location and marketing tactics

8.1. location in a city with a portion of disposable income

8.2. marketing efforts aimed at American women aged 24-45