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HefnyCopter II by Mind Map: HefnyCopter II
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HefnyCopter II

Gyro PID Editor

Pitch & Roll


Self Level

Acc X & Y

Acc Z

Mode Settings

Buddy System

Board Dir

This defines the board orientation that is installed on quadcopter. It has no relation with the flying mode which is set only by sticks. This variable defines how a board is installed.

Flying Dir

Initial flying mode.each time you power up the board, the flying mode will be initialized to the value of this parameter. You can still change it using AIL left & right while Throttle is down.

Sonar Enable

Frame Type

Misc Settings


delay number. Zero means ni auto disarm.

Volt Alarm

45 means 4.5 volt

Throttle min

changing this value may start propellers even when quadcopter is disarmed.

Stick Scale


can be Negative or Positive....Negative will be a very aggressive value. Cannot be greater than the Stick Scale Limit. --- handled automatically using error check.


Roll & Pitch handled together ... default is true for all symetric frames. some times u need to make it false to use in Tricopters

Sensor Test

Factory Reset