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Assessment Vocabulary by Mind Map: Assessment Vocabulary
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Assessment Vocabulary

Types of Tests


students are compared to the performance of the other students

examples: can be summative if they are given at the end of a period.


student performance is compared to specific criteria


an evaluation comparing to a standard

can be norm-referenced or criterion referenced

all students take the test under the same conditions


tests given at the end of a semester, quarter, or unit whose results show how much has been accomplished throughout that period of time.

examples: achievement tests, norm-referenced tests


teachers use to evaluate student progress during a lesson, unit, etc so that changes can be made to accommodate the student..

examples: weekly tests

curriculum-based assessment

any procedure that evaluates student performance in relation to the school curriculum

examples: spelling tests

curriculum-based measurement

frequent, direct measurements of critical school behaviors. allows teachers to modify the instruction.

examples: timed reading tests, math tests, and writing tests, formative tests

performance assessments

curriculum based, students construct responses to real-world tasks allowing the teacher to evaluate their understanding.

portfolio assessments

curriculum-based consisting of student-made products showing their skills

All tests must have:


determines that the test is consistent in what it measures


extent to which a particular test measures what it is intended to measure. evaluated by comparing different tests of the same skills or abilities