Hotel MKT Made Simple

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Hotel MKT Made Simple by Mind Map: Hotel MKT Made Simple

1. Pick The Right Battle

1.1. Business Canvas Model

1.1.1. Market Case Study: Hoiana STP Model

1.1.2. Product Offering Case Study: Novotel Problem Cost Structure Distribution Channels (accessible)

2. Mindset reset

2.1. WHY HOW WHAT model

2.1.1. Hospitality mindset to apply Case Study: Hotel - Ritz Carlton + Minor Hotels Brand's WHY HOW to make customers believe WHAT the brand does

2.1.2. The MKT mindset to apply Case Study: Destination - Iceland MKT's WHY HOW to be WHAT the marketer does

3. See the big picture

3.1. SWOT

3.1.1. Case Study: Grand Mercure Micro Environment Strengths & Weaknesses Macro Environment Opportunities & Threats

3.2. Business Strategy

3.2.1. Case Study: Disney Target 1 Problem 1 Target 2 Problem 2 Target 3 Problem 3 Balanced Scorecard Finance Customers Internal Innovation