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Broadcast Journalism by Mind Map: Broadcast
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Broadcast Journalism

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” ― George Orwell Dr. Glen Gatin

Broadcast journalism

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” ― George Orwell Dr. Glen Gatin

Traditional Journalism

Radio, Writing for Radio, Report with clips, SoT Sound on tape., Interview, Vox pop, Voice of the people, Man on the street, mini-feature, Commentary, Round table discussion

Television, Camera shots, The Future of Television

Print, "I don't believe what I read in the papers, they're just out to capture my dime", Journalism 101, The News Manuals, Reuters Handbook of Journalism

Convergent Journalism, Broadcast vs Participatory, OECD

News Agencies, CP, AP, Reuters

The beats, News, Film at 11, Weather, Sports

Analog to digital to online

Born Digital, Mobile, Second Screen, iPhone, Augmented Reality, Layar, SMS, Web Applications, Google, Reader, Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Ngram, Google Plus, Web Video, YouTube, Podcasting, Audacity, Journalists Tool kit, Vocaroo, SoundCloud, Wikispaces, Streaming, UStream, LiveStream, eNewsletters, Spundge,,, Storify, NoozDesk, Blogging, Wordpress, Blogger, Twitter, Library of Congress, Media entity, Tumblr, Collaborative writing, Google Docs, Paste Bin, Etherpad, Little Outliner, PhotoJournalism, Flickr, Instagram, yFrog, Picassa, Creative Commons, Steganography and WaterMarking, OpenPuff, Social networking, Zotero, Facebook, Reddit, VOIP, Google Voice, Skype, Web pages, Wikis, Wikispaces, PBWiki, Sites, WetPaint, Mediawiki, Interactive web pages, Weebly, Wix, Disqus, Visualizations,, Mindmeister, RSS, Reader, Feedly, Roll your own, Yahoo Pipes, Tutorial

Cable TV

Satellite TV

Theoretical foundations

FON, Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus, Ushahiti, LOL cats, Shirky on McLuhan, Definition, Here Comes Everybody, Organization of information used to be costly, Scarcity, Organization of information now costs nothing, Abundance, Coasian Ceiling/Coasian flloor, Jay Rosen, Post-industrial Journalism, Howard Reingold, Dan Gillmor, Jeff Jarvis

Essential to Democratic Process, The 5th Estate, Corporate Media, Cultural imperialism

McLuhan, Understanding Media, Mark Federman on Mcluhan, On Reading McLuhan, Ideas, Tetrads, What does medium enhance?, The Extensions of Man, What does the medium make obsolete?, Orality to literacy, From scribes to printing press, From print based to electronic, Break boundaries turn society upside down and transform., The obsolesced form doesn't disappear but becomes art, When one medium is enhanced another is diminished, What does the medium retrieve that has been obsolesced earlirer?, From Cliche to Archetype, Wine is the medium, Sociability, Sacred, celebration, beligerance, Mobile Phone, Enhances human voice, Obsolesces being physically present., Retrieves the crystal ball fortune teller Allow you to hear voices that are not physically present., What does the medium flip into when pushed to extremes?, Privacy reverses into publicy, Hot and Cool media, A medium that engages you is cool, A medium that disengages you is hot, Principle of medium equivalency, Media, Laws of Media, McLuhan, Now a code or a device. Like Northrup Frye, The Great Code., McLuhan in Wired magazine, McLuhan for Beginners

Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent, Chapter One -- A Propaganda Model, Five filters of editorial bias that determine what we get as news, Size, ownership and profit orientation, Advertisers are the defacto licencing authority of the press, Flack and enforcers, Blow back, PR spin doctors, Gotta have an enemy, Fascists Communists Socialist terrorists., War rhetoric, War on Drugs, Global war on terror., Large corporate bureaucracies subsidize and gain special access, Trust me I'm Lying, Chapter Two -- Worthy and Unworthy Victims, Chapter 3 -- Legitimizing versus Meaningless: Third world elections in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, Chapter 4 -- The KGB/Bulgarian plot to kill the Pope: Free market disinformation as "News", Chapter Five -- The Indochina Wars: Vietnam, Chapter Six -- The Indochina Wars: Laos and Cambodia, Chapter 7 -- Conclusions, 5filters, Sourcing --mass media power 1% subsidizes media add have special access

Mark Federman, UCAPP, New Journalism in a UCPP age

Terms and concepts

Practices, Astroturf, Process Journalism, Churnalism, Veal pen, Advertorial, portmanteau

People, Griefers, hackers, lurkers, Spin doctors

New form Journalism

Citizens Journalism, Participatory Journalism, Audience participation personal blogs, Independent news and information websites, Drudge Report, Consumer Reports, Full fledged participatory newsites, Boing Boing, Digital Journal, Wiki journalism, Wikpedia, Collaborative and contributory sites, Slashdot, Reddit, Thin media, newsletters, email lists, Google groups, Yahoo groups, listservs, Personal Broadcasting sites, Blogtalk Radio, Ustream, Newsletters,,, Spundge, Guerrilla Journalism, Tallin Manual on the Internationlal Law Applicable to Cyber Warefare, Anti-coruption, Mamdawrinch, Activist/Journalist, OWS, Idlenomore

Ambient journalism

Crisis reporting, Ushahiti, CrowdMaps

Gonzo Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, Serialized in Rolling Stone Magazine, First use of the fax machine, Defining features, Critique of mainstream media, Incestuous relationship between media and politicians

Data Journalism, Worldometers, Google Trends, The Data Journalism Handbook, Data for Dummies, Yahoo Pipes, How to YouTuibe for Yahoo Pipes, Web scraping, Twitter Scraping, Geotaged maps, Floating Sheep Maps, Wikipedia edits, Data Driven Documents, Data Maps, Geolocate IP addresses, Wikipedia Recent Changes feed, Wiki monitoring code, The whole mashup on Github, You could design a survey or create a program that surveys the available data, Coding for Data Journalists, Code Academy, Pew Research Enter Fact Tank, Challenges to Data Journalism

Social Marketing

Process Journalism, Aggregate, filter, distribute

Hacker Journalism, Hacktivism, Code Academy, Building and Scripting, HTML

Critical Thinking

Fact Checking, Internet Detective, Snopes Urban Legends

Webproofing, Doxing, Phishing, Pharming, spoofing, Soching, How to avoid social engineering, Baiting, Clickjacking, Rickrolling, Cross site scripting

How to spot logical fallacies, Fallacies of Distraction, Appeals to Motives in Place of Support, Changing the Subject, Inductive Fallacies, Fallacies Involving Statistical Syllogisms, Causal Fallacies, Missing the Point, Fallacies of Ambiguity, Category Errors, Non Sequitur, Syllogistic Errors, Fallacies of Explanation, Fallacies of Definition, Infographic


Legal and Ethical Issues

Rights, Access to Information, Not doing so good

Responsibilities, Responsible communication

Code of Ethics

Protection of sources, Encryption, Encrypt your Dropbox account, Friends of Wikileaks, TrueCrypt vs Encrypted Zip files, Cryptocat, SafeGmail, Steganography and Watermarking, Open Puff, Steganography in a Tweet, Some guidelines from Wired Magazine., Reporting by computer, Pay cash for a cheap Windows computer. Use it only for secure communications, When communicating securely leave all of your devices and smart cards at home, Go to a wireless location that has open Wifi and start a new anonymous Gmail account, Pay cash for everything --do not use a card for coffee, transportation, anything, Clear the browser's cookies, turn off the wifi before turning off the computer and remove the battery., Never use the computer on a network except when checking the press contact account from an open wifi connection away from your home and regular haunts., Reporting by phone, Leave all electronic devices and cards at home, Buy, or get someone else to buy a pre-paid cellphone with cash at a store with old looking security cams., Keep the phone turned off with the battery out at all times when not reporting, When reporting go to another location leaving your other devices and cards at home, If you need to dispose of phone or laptop, use a secure wipe application and then smash the device with a hammer. Dispose of the scraps in a garbage can far away from you, Unprecedented scrutiny of journalists, Whistle blowers

Defamation, Libel and Slander, Fact checking, So you don't have to do this

Copyright, Law, Creative Commons, Watermarking, Disable CopyPaste

Schools, Institutes, Organizations




International Consortium for Investigative Journalism


Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Canadian Association of Journalists