Ender's Game

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Ender's Game by Mind Map: Ender's Game

1. Ender

1.1. A Third

1.1.1. Third children are usually not allowed, but Ender's parents gave birth to Ender under the government's permission

1.2. Monitor

1.2.1. Has his monitor left in him for one year longer than Peter more special than peter

1.3. Siblings

1.3.1. Valentine Loving and caring

1.3.2. Peter Violent threatens to kill Ender

2. Conflicts

2.1. Ender vs. Peter

2.1.1. Peter wanted to be chosen, hurts Ender

3. Sci-Fi world

3.1. Aliens and buggers

3.1.1. Ender's job to kill of invasion of buggers

3.2. Ender goes to boarding school in space