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Agile Engineering by Mind Map: Agile Engineering
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Agile Engineering


Mike Cohn - author on Scrum topics

Scrum Meeting



Refactoring is a way of changing a software system so that the external behaviour is not affected but the internal structure is improved

Constant process


Looking for

Refactoring tasks



Agile Testing

Test Driven Development

Unit Testing

Types of Testing

Agile Testing: Past, Present and Future

Agile Metrics

How can code quality be defined?

Code coverage

Measurement should be valid and reliable

Code Metrics

Agile metrics

Pair Programming


Costs and benefits paper


Sprint Review/Retrospective

Sprint Review

Sprint Retrospective

Agile Planning

User Stories

The Agile Manifesto

Ethical and Moral Responsibility

Software Engineers have a duty to

BSC Code of Conduct

Continuous Integration

Advantages of CI

Traditional Approach

Requirements for CI

Configuration Management