Stress & Coping

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Stress & Coping by Mind Map: Stress & Coping

1. What does the term "Rollercoster" mean to you?

1.1. Up and Down

1.1.1. Different emotional states during different times in your life

1.2. Up and own emotions and thoughts in your brain that constantly change

1.2.1. mood swings period caused

1.3. Constant change of mood

1.3.1. A mixture of different emotions

1.4. A state of emotional turmoil

1.5. A ride you can go on at theme park

1.5.1. I agree

1.6. A time in your life where things are constantly changing

1.7. a fairground attraction that consists of a light railway track which has many tight turns and steep slopes on which people ride in small, fast open carriages.

1.7.1. i agree

2. Situations young people feel distressed in?

2.1. School work

2.1.1. Tests

2.2. Parties

2.3. Facing conflict

2.4. friendship conflict

2.5. A high stress situation

2.6. Home problems/ fights with family

2.7. Losing v-card

2.7.1. I agree stop no

2.8. Going on a date/boyfriend-girlfriend-theyfriend

2.9. Sports tryouts

2.10. expectations by society, friends or family

2.11. Pressure to succeed

2.12. family issues

3. What advice would you give to someone who asked for advice regarding: 🔞

3.1. 1. Mental Health Issues ☠️🔫

3.1.1. Talk to your support group.

3.1.2. Meditate take deep breaths

3.1.3. Find a hobby and relax

3.1.4. Talk to a loved one

3.1.5. Take a break from stressful situations

3.1.6. Talk to a therapist. 😏 I agree

3.1.7. Find things that work for you

3.1.8. Doing things you like find things that make it better Do things you love

3.1.9. Spend time with your thoughts

3.2. 2. Booted out of a friendship group because ... ☠️🔫

3.2.1. Getting new friends

3.2.2. Find better friends

3.2.3. Talk to someone you trust

3.2.4. Explain your side of the problem

3.2.5. Get good friends

3.2.6. Talking to your friends about why you are being excluded.

3.2.7. discuss issue with people putside fo group

3.3. 3. Family issues

3.3.1. Remember that its not your fault and you cant controll it

3.3.2. Kids helpline

3.3.3. Talk to a phycologist or someone you trust

3.3.4. find someone who you can comfortably talk to PENIS

3.3.5. talk to school about it

3.3.6. Talk it out with your family LOL

3.4. 4. Peer pressure

3.4.1. Talk to an adult ☠️🔫 naaaaa

3.4.2. Be able to say 'yes'

3.4.3. Practise saying yes

3.4.4. Say no lol honestly should lol

3.4.5. Find other friends who aren't doing it

3.4.6. Find bad excuses

3.5. 5. School Assesments /Homework

3.5.1. talk to teachers

3.5.2. Get a tutour

3.5.3. Meditate

3.5.4. Do procrastinate

3.5.5. procrastinate


3.5.7. study

3.5.8. overdo it

3.5.9. Don't grab a snack

3.5.10. make a to do list

3.5.11. study with your friends

3.5.12. Set study goals

3.5.13. Hold yourself hostage ☠️🔫 000 💣 🤯

3.5.14. procrastinate

3.5.15. procrastinate

3.5.16. procrastinate

3.5.17. take breaks