This is a mind map all about Undara

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Undara by Mind Map: Undara

1. Location

1.1. Located near Mt Surprise in Tropical North Queensland

1.2. 275 kilometres southwest of Cairns just off the Gulf Developmental Road

1.3. The Shire of Etheridge

1.4. 18°12'02.8"S 144°39'32.1"E

2. History

2.1. History

2.1.1. European Recoginised 1800's Large pastoral station (activity area) Collin's Family Relics Wooden Fork Whip Corrugated iron/pole Concrete/pole sheds

2.1.2. Aboriginal The Traditional Country of the Ewamian Born, lived and hunted Evidence Stone Artifacts Scarred Trees (Associated with Caves) Vine-thickets Springs

3. Issues

3.1. Tourism

3.1.1. Litter

3.1.2. Stepping on the rocks and off the path (affects the environment)

3.1.3. Wildlife disrupted and scared because of excessive noise

3.1.4. Destroying rocks for a calcium tracking tube Destroying history Very fragile and unfixable

3.1.5. The sunlight because of the destroyed rocks hurts the bats eyes They can't fly very well - they fall and die

3.2. Some point in the far future the tubes will collapse because of oldness

4. Other Interesting Information

4.1. Australia's longest and one of the longest in the world - lava tube system

4.2. Distinctive and Ancient Plants

4.3. At least 52 species of animals

5. Geomorphic Processes

5.1. The lava tubes and caves were formed when rivers of lava confined to a valley crusted over and formed a roof.

5.2. Erosion - lava, wind

5.3. Weathering - wind, water

6. Characteristics

6.1. Used to be a shield volcano

6.2. 190,000 years ago there was an eruption

6.2.1. 90 km north. 160km north-west

6.2.2. The lava made lava tubes which solidified Collapsed over the years

6.3. Over 70 caves in the park

6.4. Craters

6.5. Lava Ponds and Flows

6.6. Perennial Springs (flows constantly)

7. Wildlife


7.1.1. Gondwana Species Rainforest Trees Araucaria Primitive Gymnosperms Nothofagus


7.2.1. 4 types of bats - Baker's Cave (about 80,000) Large bent-wing bat Eastern cave bat Northern horseshoe bat Coastal sheathtail bat

7.2.2. Other Birds Barking Owl Doves Butcherbird Pale-headed Rosella Red-Winged Parrot Striated Pardalote Australian Magpie

7.2.3. Wallaroo's/Kangaroos

7.2.4. Quoll's

7.2.5. Snakes

7.2.6. Moths

8. Management

8.1. Cultural Heritage Survey's by the Ewamian

8.2. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service