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MokShop by Mind Map: MokShop

1. Admin

1.1. Web

1.1.1. dashboard Users & Roles Rules Users Pages Blogs Settings Store Types Subscription plans Payment Shipping Languages General Settings Themes file manager Advertisements faq Newsletters third party next step Ecommerce Notifications tutorials track log

2. Vendor

2.1. web

2.1.1. dashboard stores products categories stock customers orders transactions statistics settings erp profile edit profile change password tickets open ticket all tickets Notifications track log

2.1.2. site active store

2.2. mobile

2.2.1. view stores select one store orders products customers transactions Notifications

2.2.2. profile

3. Customer

3.1. according to store

3.1.1. view store cats and products web profile orders favorite products cart transactions statistics Ticket Notifications track log mobile