Miranda Rivers

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Miranda Rivers by Mind Map: Miranda Rivers

1. Birth

1.1. May 19 1987

1.2. Healthy happy baby

2. Infancy

2.1. Physical development

2.1.1. Triple in height by second birthday

2.1.2. Nervous system is growing too

2.1.3. Brain is growing and developing

2.1.4. Learn to sit, crawl, grasp, walk Started walking at age 18 months, my brother who is a year younger then me, influenced my want to walk

2.2. Cognitive development

2.2.1. Learned object permanence

2.2.2. Learning sounds and symbols

2.2.3. Learning how to talk

2.2.4. Remembering things, like when daddy will be home

2.3. Social/emotional development

2.3.1. Starting to detect others emotions Can recognize when someone is sad, mad, or happy by the look on there face

2.3.2. Fear of strangers

2.3.3. Forming bonds with special individuals in my life

3. Preschool Years

3.1. Physical development

3.1.1. Growing more and more, 46 inches tall by age 6

3.1.2. Muscles are growing, making me stronger

3.1.3. Brain has gone through lateralization

3.1.4. Can throw a ball, skip, jump, hop, ride a bike, thanks to growth in my brain

3.1.5. Learned how to use the potty

3.2. Cognitive Development

3.2.1. Learning to express myself through language

3.2.2. Still have yet to learn conservation

3.2.3. Very egocentric

3.2.4. Beginning to use intuitive thought

3.2.5. Learning about gender, my own gender and the gender of others

3.3. Social/emotional development

3.3.1. Developing friendships

3.3.2. Learning rules and how to follow them

3.3.3. Playing = Learning

3.3.4. Understanding others emotions

3.3.5. Developing morals

4. Middle Childhood

4.1. Physical Development

4.1.1. Growing on average 2-3 inches a year

4.1.2. Developing fine motor skills, able to type on a keyboard, write in cursive, tie my own shoes

4.2. Cognitive Development

4.2.1. Able to apply logical operations to concrete problems

4.2.2. Learning right and wrong

4.2.3. Memory is improving

4.2.4. Mastering language

4.2.5. IQ is growing

4.3. Social/emotional development

4.3.1. Begining to grow on the idea of "Who am I?"

4.3.2. Developing self-esteem

4.3.3. Starting to gain friendships

5. Adolescence

5.1. Physical development

5.1.1. Started puberty Menstruation at age 13

5.1.2. Brain is growing again Sleeping a lot, some days 12 hours

5.1.3. Took part in risky behavior Unprotected sex, used alcohol and drugs

5.2. Cognitive development

5.2.1. Ability to use formal operations Able to solve problems

5.2.2. Ability to store information

5.2.3. Egocentric once again

5.3. Social/emotional development

5.3.1. A growing self concept Trying out different roles to see who I really want to be

5.3.2. Growing self esteem

5.3.3. Building friendships and relationships Some dating

5.3.4. Depression

6. Early Adulthood

6.1. Physical development

6.1.1. Peak of physical health But have to work to keep it

6.1.2. Starting to gain weight Becoming more aware of my food choices and how they affect me

6.1.3. Learning to manage stress

6.2. Cognitive development

6.2.1. Intellectual growth Attending college to advance intelligence and career

6.2.2. Post-formal thought Acknowledging predicaments need realistic answers

6.2.3. Life events Growing intelligence based on events such as having a child

6.3. Social/emotional development

6.3.1. Building and maintaining friendships

6.3.2. Finding love

6.3.3. Choosing to become a parent

6.3.4. Choosing a satisfying career

7. Middle Adulthood

7.1. Physical development

7.1.1. Changes in bodies capabilities Changes due to life style choices, smoking, drinking and drug use

7.1.2. Gaining weight

7.1.3. Losing vision and hearing

7.1.4. Reaction times decrease

7.1.5. Potential illness starting to emerge

7.2. Cognitive development

7.2.1. Crystallization intelligence is growing

7.2.2. Fluid intelligence beginning to decline

7.2.3. Developing an expertise in related field of work/study

7.3. Social/emotional development

7.3.1. Dealing with generality vs stagnation Considering contributions to their families and society as a whole

7.3.2. Possible midlife crisis Realizing that life is finite and wanting to finish goals they set or do things they have never done

7.3.3. Gaining a happier marriage

7.3.4. Possible burnout at work

8. Late Adulthood

8.1. Physical development

8.1.1. Fighting ageism I still got it, beautiful in my own way!

8.1.2. Genetic aging

8.1.3. Secondary aging Illnesses from all that partying as a college student

8.1.4. Losing my senses Losing my sight, hearing, taste and smell

8.1.5. Still sexual!

8.2. Cognitive development

8.2.1. Losing my mind Or more like my memory

8.2.2. Can still learn new things

8.3. Social/emotional development

8.3.1. Continuing to change

8.3.2. Ego-integrity vs despair Looking back on life, evaluating it and coming to terms with what has happen

8.3.3. A want to past down my wisdom and experience to younger generations

9. Death and dying

9.1. Physical development

9.1.1. Choosing death Establishing a living will

9.1.2. Preparing my family and loved ones for my own impending death

9.2. Cognitive development

9.2.1. Going through the steps towards death Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

9.2.2. Establishing a DNR on my medical records

9.2.3. Deciding where I want to die and making arrangements

9.3. Social/emotional development

9.3.1. Letting my last wishes be known

9.3.2. Saying goodbye to my family and friends