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Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Cyberbullying

1. Educational Stakeholders

1.1. Create Digital Citizens Through Your Content Area

1.2. Use Social Media as a Productive Outlet

1.3. Teachers Should Intervene / Conflict Mediation / Advocate for Students with Administration

2. Prevention

2.1. Build Relationships of Understanding with Students

2.1.1. Possible Teacher Intervention

2.2. Creating a Brave Space

2.2.1. No Tolerance for Bullying Mandatory In-School Workshops for Digital Literacy Can be Reinforced if Students are Caught Cyberbullying

2.3. Student Advocacy - Establish Norms for Internet Usage

3. Block Keywords on School Wifi and Programming (Words that Induce Hate or Bullying)

4. Education Efforts

4.1. Legal Ramifications

4.1.1. Consequences: Removing Technology from the Bully

4.1.2. Incentivizing Positive Online Behavior

4.2. Resources for Those Experiencing Bullying

4.2.1. Counseling Services

4.3. How to Safely Navigate the Internet