The Rooms Division

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The Rooms Division by Mind Map: The Rooms Division

1. Areas of the rooms Division

1.1. Front office

1.1.1. This is frequently used to imply both front office and back office operations of a hotel. Being the most visible of all, it is responsible for the incoming and outgoing guests. This area usually generates the greatest amount of revenue on accommodation income through room sales. Front desk This section plays a big role in the hotel’s operations since it is often the first and last points of contact with a hotel guest.

1.1.2. Uniform services Also referred to as guest services, this section encompasses the units within the front office other than that of front desk.

1.1.3. Back office This section supports the front office services including that crucial first contact for many guests, the telephonist. This is located directly behind the front office together with reservations so as to easily support the front office.

2. The Reservations

2.1. This area of the rooms division is also called as transient room sales. Making reservations is a necessity for travellers and an important marketing tool for lodging establishments. Travellers in various market segments depend on a well-organized reservation system that is easily accessible through toll-free numbers or on the Internet to ensure a well-planned trip.

3. The Housekeepig

3.1. This area of the rooms division is in-charge of keeping the hotel premises always clean, in order, and must be acceptable to the taste of discriminating guests. This is very significant in the rooms division since the staffs are directly connecting with front office and ensuring that the hotel’s main product , (the rooms) are ready for sale.

4. The Night Audit

4.1. This is the department/area that reconciles the hotel’s daily financial transactions and other activities for reporting purposes.

4.1.1. The team conducts its duties at night when the hotel is generally less busy and assumes some front office duties aside from directly reporting to the accounting department.


5.1. Led by the Director of Loss Prevention, this area of the rooms division is also vital in hotel operations. Its main task is the safety and security of the hotel guests and employees. The team will need to safeguard the common areas of the hotel and guest room hallways.

6. Rooms Division Manager

6.1. This position was used to be called as Resident Manager, however, some hotels still use the title until now, while other hotels also use the Director of Rooms title. Rooms Division Manager is presently used by most hotels because of the longstanding responsibilities for coordinating the operations of room-related hotel functions.

6.1.1. Functions - Supervises employees engaged in the operations of the front and back areas of the hotel - Ensures proper staffing, purchasing, and budgeting - Maintains open communications with other divisions and within his/her division - Monitors availability of control systems - Develops monthly plans

7. Department Heads of the Rooms Division

7.1. The areas of the rooms division are also managed by department heads. There lookout is to manage And control the system of their specific area to ensure the safety of the hotel’s operations, workers, as well as, guests.

7.1.1. Front Office Manager This person is responsible for a large portion of the most visible aspects of hotel’s daily operations. S/he oversees the functions and performances of the front desk and the uniform services.

7.2. Director of Services

7.2.1. This person can be viewed as the behind -the-scenes version of the front office manager. He/she is responsible on the other aspects of hotel services specifically the housekeeping and laundry operations where guests expect them to be excellent in rendering their services so as to meet the satisfaction of the guests.