Campaign Template

A template with details to follow when launching a communications plan. How does a great campaign hit all the right targets? Plan ahead of what content you will need, who will manage and publish it.

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Campaign Template by Mind Map: Campaign Template

1. Why

1.1. New Marketing Methodologies

1.1.1. Responsive

1.1.2. Faster

1.1.3. Collaboration/Coordination

1.2. Better Support for Field Marketing/Coaches

1.3. Continuous Improvement

2. How Much

2.1. Resources

2.1.1. Budget

2.1.2. People

2.1.3. Technology automated schedulers HubSpot HootSuite

3. How

3.1. Extranets

3.1.1. External Communications Plan

3.2. Intranets

3.2.1. Internal Communications Plan (Med/Lg Business)

3.2.2. Campaign Hub Campaign Pages Content

4. When

4.1. Seasonal Campaigns

4.1.1. Spring Strategies to generate cash flow (5 Ways Strategies) How to improve operating margins (5 Ways Strategies) Identifying your key audiences and creating personas (Customer Journey Mapping)

4.1.2. Summer Increasing lead flow through engagement marketing (Raise your hand marketing) Improving conversion by adjusting sales process (13 Step Sales Process) Project Management- how processes can help you achieve better results (Using Teams)

4.1.3. Fall Strategies to create accountability in your team (Richuals, OKRs) Why personal development and focus on education is critical to business success (Membership) How to measure customer satisfaction and why it is vital to growth. (NetPromoter, Referrals)

4.1.4. Winter Automating your marketing processes (HubSpot) Why quarterly planning can get faster results with a focus on short term goals. (Growth Club) Telling your brand story and engage more prospects. Being authentic and organic in creating content. BONUS: Establishing a Give-Back strategy. (Foundation Spotlight)

5. Where

5.1. Web Site/Extranets

5.1.1. Page Updates

5.1.2. Blog/VLOG

5.1.3. Webinars

5.1.4. Social Media LinkedIn FaceBook/Page/Groups Insta/TikTok

5.2. Intranets

5.2.1. Sharepoint Campaign Hub

5.2.2. Yammer Discussion Group

5.3. In Person Events

5.3.1. Open Houses

5.3.2. Summits/Workshops

6. Who

6.1. Persona

6.1.1. Identify Where do they live Where do they play Family status Where do they get information?

6.2. Who is on the campaign team

6.2.1. Marketing Creator Articles Graphics Landing pages Editor Clarifies content meaning Organizes distribution to strategy Project Manager Strategy Timeline Backlog/Retrospective Analyst Measurement KPIs/ROIs Cost Tracking

6.3. Who is on the COLLABORATION team

6.3.1. Coaches Self designate experience None, Some, Very Coach support staff 3rd party marketing agencies

6.3.2. MLs Participation that rolls down hill

7. What

7.1. Coordinated

7.1.1. Scheduled rollout per funnel phase

7.1.2. Timelines and Campaign Plans

7.1.3. Production Schedules

7.2. Top of Funnel

7.2.1. Awareness Campaigns Who we are & WHY we exist

7.3. Middle of Funnel

7.3.1. Customer Relationship Building Lots of Self Help Responsive Media Manager to deliver customized marketing No sales, just give and over deliver. Make them WANT to do business with you.

7.4. End of Funnel

7.4.1. Conversion of Customer from Consideration to Decision What is your offer? Why are you better? What are your success stories?

7.5. Flywheel

7.5.1. After Sales Customer Care Give them reasons to come back What else can you do for them? Loyalty programs.