Issues in media and information literacy

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Issues in media and information literacy by Mind Map: Issues in media and information literacy

1. Project Review

1.1. Summary of Project

1.2. Timeline:

1.3. Budget:

1.4. Resources:

2. Cyberbullying

2.1. Causes:

2.1.1. Lack of empathy

2.1.2. Widespread use of social media

2.1.3. Thinking it's "just a joke"

2.1.4. Homogeneity

2.1.5. false sense of security behind a screen

2.1.6. Culture created by media (such as songs, videos, etc)

2.2. Solutions:

2.2.1. Teach students what cyberbullying is

2.2.2. Teach students negative impact of cyberbullying on their peers

2.2.3. Help instill confidence in kids

2.2.4. Encourage heterogeneity and intermingling/interaction between diverse groups

3. Misinformation

3.1. Causes:

3.1.1. Spreading of common misconceptions Influencers

3.1.2. Lack of open discourse Online threads (reddit, Facebook, etc)

3.2. Solutions:

3.2.1. Teaching kids to how to fact-check

3.2.2. Teaching kids how to contribute to online information themselves (using Wikipedia and other sources of information)

3.2.3. Teach and value critical thinking skills and have students be more than just consumers of information

4. Equity

4.1. Causes:

4.1.1. Poverty Systematic inequities targeted at underprivileged students inequitable funding of school districts

4.2. Solutions:

4.2.1. Give all students their own devices

4.2.2. More school funding (for technology and other resources)