Mass Incarceration

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Mass Incarceration by Mind Map: Mass Incarceration

1. the black minority is the most targeted

2. problems

2.1. prisoners are paid on average only 23 cents an hour.

2.2. The black male makes up nearly 40% of the prison population and only 10% of americas population for crimes that are done between all races at equal rates.

2.3. Once labeled criminal they are free to be discriminated against in many different aspects such as housing, employment and so on

2.4. it is a system that seems to mirror that of the past slavery

3. perspectives

3.1. Inmates

3.2. Government

3.3. community

3.4. media

3.5. family of inmate

4. policies

4.1. “truth-in-sentencing” laws, which prevent parole boards from releasing low-risk prisoners before they’ve served 85 percent of their (increasingly long) sentences.

4.2. Congress in 1986 adopted a federal sentencing policy that those who commit crimes involving “crack” cocaine are to be punished on a 100-to-1 ratio

4.3. President obama fair sentencing act law for crack cocain which eliminated the 5 year sentencing law

4.4. Law enforcement is given huge discretion on who to stop seize and search

4.5. Mandatory Minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses

5. politics

5.1. Iran contra scandal dumped drugs in the intercity neighbor hoods and profitted off of it.

5.2. The prison industrial complex is a 37 billion dollar per year buisness

5.3. The three strikes law imposes long sentences on repeat offenders

5.4. Stocks on wall street are traded based on the number of inmates in prison

5.5. 3/5 people in prison are non- violent drug offenders.

5.6. U.S uses inmate labor to help with military defense budget