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Audience by Mind Map: Audience

1. Ryan Reynolds

1.1. This is an actor who is in mid-30's and is known for playing in action and thriller genre films such as "Buried", "Safe House" or superhero films such as "Green Lantern". This means that my film could possibly appeal to him as the stereotype says that the target audience mainly would be male and younger. The reason for that is because my film is an action genre, which is known to be preferred by the male audience rather than the female audience. Action genere also appeals to the younger audience because in such films there is a lot of action going on that engages with the audience and creates an exciting effect. The thriller aspect could attract the female side of the audience as the stereotype says women enjoy films by thinking; this means it could satisfy both sides. The fact that he plays in action and thriller films means he has an interest in them. If famous people such as him express interest in my film, it could promote my film among wider audience who like a specific actor.

2. Scarlett Johansson

2.1. Scarlett Johansson is a 28 year old actress who expressed interest in the action genre. She starred in superhero films such as "The Avengers". This means that she will be related to the action genre. As she is a woman, she may also be interested in my film because of it is partly thriler. She is an attractive actress so this may appeal to the male audience again and encourage them to watch my film, in addition to the fact that she is related with the action films industry.

3. My target audience is mainly around 16+ and male. It can also address the female audience as it is partly thriller, but mainly it is male even though it could appeal to both.

4. Kevin Smith

4.1. Kevin Smith is a 16 year old schoolboy who gets average at school. He likes film such as "Matrix", "Wanted" and "Harry Potter". He likes the typical songs that appear on charts and is an ordinary boy at school. This is an average person who would be interested in my film as he is male and young, which is what my film would mostly appeal to.