Moqqi Brand Workshop

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Moqqi Brand Workshop by Mind Map: Moqqi Brand Workshop

1. Questions

1.1. Substance

1.1.1. What's the why beyond money

1.1.2. Do you have a guide for decisions to shape people's perceptions?

1.1.3. Do you think it's important

1.1.4. Are you excited about it

1.1.5. How well are you communicating it?

1.1.6. What's stopping you from sharing your purpose?

1.2. 80/20 rule

1.2.1. Who is your #1 audience and what do you know about them Mid to high income Urban areas Health concious Social life

1.2.2. What are pain points/gaps No time For family moments Sceptical Kids won't like a new product Healthy New If kids don't like Make kid happy stressful Don't feel guilty Have to make healthy snacks themselves

1.2.3. What's their journey from their struggles with current solution to what life looks like with you

1.2.4. Customer problem you're solving

1.2.5. What's your clear point of differentiation? Healthy treats that are enjoyable You're there to help them Via content The mission Vs big retailers You're the same as them

1.2.6. How could you get more love from your customers? What do you currently do What could you do What's stopping you

1.2.7. What do your competitors do better than you?

1.2.8. What do you do better than them? Is it clear?

1.2.9. What are the challenges?

1.3. Use your story to build trust

1.3.1. What do you want to be know for and are you known for that?

1.3.2. What does telling a great story look like What could it do for you

1.3.3. What are the challenges? Are you willing to get more human?

1.3.4. How do you decide what to communicate?

1.4. Brand

1.4.1. Documented brand?

1.4.2. Future proof

1.4.3. What's the gap between reality and the promise

2. Vision

2.1. Disrupt the child snack market

2.2. Have healthier children

2.2.1. Obesity

2.2.2. Mental development

2.3. Make healthy eating fun

2.4. Make it accessible

2.5. Every bag you sell you make a donation

2.5.1. School in mozambique

2.6. Distribute

2.6.1. retailers

2.7. Europe wide

2.7.1. Innovative solution for healthy kids

2.7.2. Share content Purpose Why How Where Short form content Conversations not teaching

2.8. Brand

2.8.1. Excitement Approval rate Parents and kids

2.8.2. Build a community Subscribe to pre launch 10k followers

2.8.3. Be seen as on their side Not there to make money

2.8.4. Create a movement

2.9. 12 months

2.9.1. 10k followers

2.9.2. Sales 100k total

2.9.3. Launch 5 products

2.9.4. 3 retailers Online retailers Lost in big retailers

3. Challenges

3.1. New category and frozen

3.1.1. Educational part Collabs with other frozen brands Sampling

3.2. How to create a brand your core audience loves

3.2.1. A story framework

3.2.2. Creative twist Slogans

3.2.3. Copywriting

3.3. Creating content

3.3.1. Posts

4. Vehicles

4.1. Educations

4.1.1. Newsletter

4.1.2. Blog

4.1.3. Social channels?

4.2. Retailers

4.3. Collabs

4.3.1. Partners

4.3.2. Influencers

4.4. Sampling

4.4.1. Supermarkets

4.4.2. Events

4.5. Make a plan/framework

4.5.1. How is it defined

4.5.2. What will it allow you to do

5. Touchpoints

5.1. How to

5.1.1. Make more emotional impact

5.1.2. Tell your story

5.1.3. Drive action

5.2. Website

5.2.1. Thoughts

5.3. Social

5.4. Email

5.5. POS

5.5.1. Environment

5.5.2. Packaging

5.5.3. Team