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KivyOS by Mind Map: KivyOS

1. dekstop

1.1. target

1.1.1. notebook

1.1.2. mobile Kivy already works on android and ios Im working on vanilla linux on mobile devices, with no Android, with the newer kernel's this is become easier. I am hacking a nook color right now. once this is done adding a python vm shouldn't be to far out of reach.

1.1.3. desktop I would like a lite version similar to puppy, boot to ram and manage the memory and dump to .gz or iso files on shutdown. I dont know that, what is it ? Where can have a look at something similar to this ?

1.2. software

1.2.1. windows manager there is already a python wm, it's called Qtile, it's a tilling windows manager. We can bootstrap a classical windows manager from that How to manage look and feel ? Should we have flashy widgets similar to those found on vista or the new(ugly) windows 8, or icon's like that of android? The problem i have with .png is scalability, i write all my widgets using draw features and algorithms so it can be easiy scaled we could parse .svg file format and use inkscape for drawing the widget, i have a partially started svgbiulder. then use the graphics module in kivy to draw them features topbar android style

1.2.2. utility

1.2.3. browser I started a pure python browser I need to port it to Kivy (not working I think)

1.2.4. base package manager we need a repository of kivyOS applications, I think a PyPi+pip will do the job client side but we need a web UI to showcase the apps maybe the package manager will be a browser window into the webapp, but still a browser is kind of a big job so maybe will start with a simple kivy app that gets that hooks to a web service I think support for major packages could be achieved, break down the .deb and .rpm package this would provide 1000's of already built programs. Not everyone enjoys building from source toolbar should be plugable menu make it dead simple like the android make it possible to remove apps from there make it possible to search/install app from there background manager I would like to track commonly selected applications, and track the mouse if there is one. If it gets close to an application that is used consistently, preload it in the background and show the window on click screensaver config file???? How should we set up the configuration, color's opacity, widgets and locations? use a graphical config or a .ini?

1.3. games

1.3.1. it's an important part of any OS of today iOS, Android sells for that, we should make it dead simple to install and also maybe utility libraries for game developpers

1.4. I think we should then break down into feature per software

1.5. What about the spirit of the Dekstop like Gnome is JustWorks and KDE is everything tweakable

1.6. Is it possible to have a rendering engine for Kivy controls just like QT and GTK have ?

1.7. Graphics

1.7.1. Use kivy logo or design a new logo? we need to sort this out with kivy team, but first we need something subtantial so that they don't think we are kiding about this project it will make it more plausible for them to allow us to us the same graphics

2. DBUS thing, every desktop has someway to allow interprocess communication a bit more complex than what IPC can do, maybe write a Python version of DBUS

3. Licensing

3.1. LGPL

4. binutils

5. VM

5.1. 2.7

5.1.1. we need kivy Python 3 support before targeting Python 3

5.2. PyPy

5.2.1. I don't know about PyPy support of C extensions that something we should dig. Plus PyPy doesn't have GIL problem which definetly a plus and it's faster!

5.2.2. Much Much faster, we could also use cython

6. Team

6.1. Amirouche

6.2. Gabe

6.3. Once we boostrapped the project we should announce the it on ML and find new contributors