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8th grade science by Mind Map: 8th grade science

1. Unit 0

1.1. Section 1

1.1.1. Scientific Method Observation Quantitative Observation Qualitative Observations Questions Hypothesis Prediction test the prediction Iterative Process Publish/ Peer review

1.2. Section 2

1.2.1. CER claim reasoning evidence

1.3. Section 5

1.3.1. Lab Safety Standards Hair in a lab Clothing in a lab Footwear in a lab Protective Glasses Colors of Health Hazard symbols MSDS Pipetting

1.4. Section 4

1.4.1. Graph Trends DRY MIX LENSES Label and List Equation Notice Speculate Explain/Evaluate Summary

2. Unit 1

2.1. Module 1

2.1.1. Lesson 1:analyzing the rock and fossil records Uniformitarianism Absolute Age Sediment Relative Age-dating Superposition Original Horizontality Lateral Continuity Inclusions Cross cutting relationships Strata Relative Age The Fossil Record Mass Extinctions

2.1.2. Lesson 2 unconformaities Angular unconformity Disconformities Nonconformity correlation index fossil's Key bed geological time scale