8th grade science

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8th grade science by Mind Map: 8th grade science

1. module 1

1.1. unit 1

1.1.1. lesson 1 Uniformitarianism Absolute Age Relative Age Dating Sediment Strata Relative Age Superposition Original Horizontality Lateral Continuity Inclusions Cross Cutting Relationships The fossil record Mass Extinctions

1.1.2. lesson 2 Disconformities Angled unconformity Nonconformity correlation index fossils Key bed geologic time scale

2. module 0

2.1. Unit 1

2.1.1. Section 1 Scientific Method Observation Question Hypothesis prediction Test the prediction Observations (step 6) Qualitative and Quantitative observations iterative process Publish and peer review

2.1.2. Section 2 Claim Evidence Reasoning

2.1.3. Section 4 DRY MIX LENSES Lable and List Equation Notice Speculate Explain/Evaluate Summary

2.1.4. section 5 Lab Safety Standards Hair in a lab Clothing in a lab Footwear in a lab Protective Glasses Colors of Health Hazard symbols MSDS Pipetting

3. module 2

3.1. DNA

3.2. necleotide

3.3. replication

3.4. RNA

3.5. transcription

3.6. translation

3.7. mutation