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7th Grade Science by Mind Map: 7th Grade Science

1. Section 0

1.1. 1

1.1.1. Scientific Method Observation Evidence shown to prove a claim Questions What? How? When? Where? Why? Prediction Predict what will happen in a situation. Test the Prediction Qualitive Observation Quantitave Observation Iterative Process Publish/ Peer Review

1.2. 3

1.2.1. Lab Safety Standards Hair tied up in lab Tie up long clothing No open-toed shoes in lab Always wear protective glasses Colors of Health Hazard symbols MSDS Pipetting

1.3. 4

1.3.1. Lab safety DRY MIX LENSES Label and List Equation Notice Speculate Explain/Evaluate Summary

1.4. 2

1.4.1. Claim Evidence Reasoning

2. Section 1

2.1. 1

2.1.1. Matter Solid State Liquid State Gas State

2.2. 2

2.2.1. Temperature Thermometer Kelvin Scale

2.3. 3

2.3.1. Thermal Energy Atoms Substances Elements Compound Molecule

2.4. 4

2.4.1. Periodic Table of Elements Element symbols Chemical Formula

3. Section 2

3.1. 1

3.1.1. Jacques Charles

3.2. 2

3.2.1. Volume Temperature Law Thermal Contraction Thermal Expansion Systems Heating Pressure Phase Change Melting Condensation Vaporization Boiling vs. Evaporation