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1. Signal:

1.1. Always , often , usually , seldom , sometimes , hardly ever

2. How to distinguish s/es?

2.1. Nouns ending in the letters o, s, ss, sh, ch, z and x will have es at the end.

2.1.1. Ex: Bus => buses Box => boxes Glass => glasses Quiz => quizzes Fox =>foxes Lash =>lashes Church =>churches

2.2. The rest of the nouns will have an s at the end.

2.2.1. Ex: Road => roads Horse => horses Book => books Seat => seats Rose => roses Image => images Window => windows

3. How to use?

3.1. To express habits, general truths, repeated actions or unchanging situations, emotions and wishes.

3.1.1. Ex: I smoke (habit); I work in London (unchanging situation); London is a large city (general truth)

3.2. To give instructions or directions.

3.2.1. You walk for two hundred meters, then you turn left.

3.3. To express fixed arrangements, present or future.

3.3.1. Your exam starts at 09.00

3.4. To express future time, after some conjunctions.

3.4.1. After, when, before, as soon as, until: He'll give it to you when you come next Saturday.

4. Forms:

4.1. Regular verbs:

4.1.1. (+) S + V/ Vs/es + O Ex: - I often go to school on foot. - She does yoga every evening. - The Sun sets in the West. - I/ We/ You/ They/ Danh từ số nhiều + V(infi) - He/ She/ It/ + V(s/es)

4.1.2. (-) S + don’t (do not)/doesn’t (does not) + V + O He/ she/ it/ Singular Nouns/ proper nouns + V-e/es, does, doesn’t (does not) I/ you/ we/ they/ Plural Nouns + V, do, don’t (do not) Acronym: do not = don’t does not = doesn’t Ex: - I do not (don’t) often go to school on foot. - She does not (doesn’t) do yoga every evening. - The Sun does not (doesn’t) set in the South.

4.1.3. (?) Do(n’t)/ Does(n’t) + S + O?

4.2. Verbs tobe:

4.2.1. (+) S + am/ is/ are+ N/ Adj Ex: - I am an engineer. - He is a lecturer. - The car is expensive. - They are students.

4.2.2. (-) S + am/are/is + not +N/ Adj Acronym: is not = isn’t are not = aren’t Ex:- I am not an engineer. - He is not (isn’t) a lecturer. - The car is not (isn’t) expensive. - They are not (aren’t) students.