Habits of successful students

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Habits of successful students by Mind Map: Habits of successful students

1. balance

1.1. it is important to listen to our mothers about having good habits, such as exercising and eating well

1.1.1. balance

1.2. we must use our energy in all the important activities within our life

2. committed

2.1. successful students set goals and meet them

2.2. we must commit to ourselves to be successful in university life

2.2.1. committed

3. passion.

3.1. It's normal to be unsure about choosing a major area of ​​study.

3.2. process of discovering your passion.

3.2.1. passion

3.3. discovering your true passion will be a source of energy and motivation

4. social support

4.1. students spend energy on their important relationships.

4.2. it is important to use study groups

4.2.1. social support

4.3. they learn more by socializing or talking about their courses while having a coffee

5. talk to professors

5.1. it is important to talk to the professors to stay in the university

5.2. talking to teachers will help make your courses more interesting

5.2.1. talk to professors

5.3. it is important to socialize with the professors on campus to feel more comfortable

5.4. it is important to ask the necessary questions and contribute ideas in class

6. organization

6.1. we have to experiment and find a way to organize

6.1.1. organization

6.2. it is necessary to maintain a method to carry out the tasks and activities

7. strategic y resourceful

7.1. successful students will do thinking about the future

7.2. it is necessary to take advantage of the necessary resources

7.2.1. strategic y resourceful

7.3. it is important to ask for help and be strategic in helping us with any concerns