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Immersion in the Cloud by Mind Map: Immersion in the Cloud

1. Storage on the Cloud

1.1. Any type of information

1.1.1. BIT Minimun unit of information that a digital or electronic device can have

1.1.2. IP Address (Internet Protcol) set of numbers that areused to identify and logically locate a electronic device within a network

1.2. Available at anytime, anywhere

1.2.1. Internet Speed Measure latency (Ping) and the upload and download speed offered by service provider in (megabytes)

1.2.2. BYTE Used to measure the storage capacity of certain device or the amount of space available

2. Network Security

2.1. An Important aspect

2.1.1. Backup Copies Methods? Comprenssion Redundancy Reduplication Encryption

2.1.2. Antivirus Software or program that helps protect pc Software Malware

2.1.3. Virus? Malicious Program created to infect a system Boot viruses Macro viruses

2.1.4. Spam? Email notbeen requested and promote bussines and advertising

2.1.5. Phishing? Crime of tricking people/users into sharing confidential information

2.1.6. Firewall Serves as a security mechanism Block apps of risk Pevents unauthorized acces

2.2. Dangers we are exposed

2.2.1. Information theft

2.2.2. Identity theft

2.2.3. Loss of information

2.2.4. Service interruption