Art of Engagement

Collaborative Mind Map for Online Conference

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Art of Engagement by Mind Map: Art of Engagement

1. "Magic"

1.1. connecting the dots

1.1.1. envisioning a possible future

1.2. Spirit

1.3. Systems thinking

2. Disrespect for "art" and artists

2.1. artists as illustrators of progressive ideas

2.2. people have no idea of time and skills required to create projects

2.3. Art separated from Life

2.3.1. the question of "professionalizing" the practice

3. New Skills Required

3.1. Navigating public agencies and community processes

3.2. Interdisciplinary approaches, partners

3.3. Learning via apprenticeship, friendship

4. intertwining art and politics

4.1. art or creativity at the centre of a blessed unrest

5. non-western models for culture and community

6. Ecological Justice