Tenses and Moods in English and Spanish

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Tenses by Mind Map: Tenses

1. Mood

1.1. A category that reflects the speakers view of the ontological character of an event.

1.1.1. Indicative Indicates a real facts.

1.1.2. Subjuctive Indicates hypothetical state, wish or imaginary situation.

1.1.3. Imperative Indicates a state of commands.

1.1.4. Interrogative Indicates a state of questioning.

1.1.5. Conditional Indicates hypothetical actions.

2. Spanish

2.1. Time

2.1.1. They present the action in the same way and correspond to the same time (Past, Present, Future)

2.2. Aspect

2.2.1. Indicates if the action of the verb is concluded or remains in development.

3. English

3.1. Time

3.1.1. Is related to our perception of reality.

3.2. Aspect

3.2.1. Is a grammatical category that expresses how an action, event or state denoted by a verb extends overtime.

4. Is a verb based method used to indicate the time