Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management by Mind Map: Customer Relationship Management

1. What?

1.1. Information system (software)

1.1.1. analysis/reporting

1.1.2. service

1.1.3. finance/erp

1.1.4. relation management

1.1.5. sales marketing

2. Relevance

2.1. Timing needs of customers

2.1.1. Increased sales

2.2. Represents new products

2.2.1. Cross selling

2.3. Understand the customer

2.4. Retain customers through better customer experience

2.5. Attract new customer

2.6. Win new clients and contractsIncrease profitably

2.7. Decrease customer management costs

3. Sugar CRM

3.1. Sales page

3.1.1. Sales Force Automation share sales data build repeatable sales processes focusing on profitable deals monitor business performance automate sales reporting and forecasting track opportunities

3.2. Marketing page

3.2.1. Marketing automation effective collaboration between marketing and sales simple management of campaigns assign leads to your sales reps track ROI of your programs form a database

4. Succesfactors

4.1. Establish Measurable Business Goals

4.2. Use Trained, Experienced Consultants

4.3. Invest in Training to Empower End Users

5. Reports

5.1. Total deals by rp

5.2. Contacts by category

5.3. Meetings by team user

5.4. Closed cases report

5.5. All contacts by industry