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The history of Canada by Mind Map: The history of Canada

1. the first people

1.1. inuit

1.1.1. traveled across the snow on sleds pulled by dogs

1.1.2. When they were far from home they made shelters out of blocks of snow. called igloos.

1.1.3. hunted whales, walruses, seals, and polar bears.

1.1.4. important was a totem pole. with carved designs of animals and people.

1.2. people in the center of Canada

1.2.1. survived by hunting buffalo. invented a kind of house that they could pick up and take with them. called a tepee

1.3. people in the coast of Canada

1.3.1. settled in one place They lived in big homes called longhouses

2. Europeans Come to Canada

2.1. Before the 1400s

2.1.1. the Vikings reached the coastal areas of northeastern Canada in the late 1400s

2.2. Canada Expands West In the 1800s

2.2.1. Canada spread westward, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. European Canadians settled areas where only indigenous peoples had lived before. They often treated these people badly, pushing them off their land