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Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Mind Map: Photo Editing in  Adobe Photoshop CS6
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Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS6


Photoshop is for photos

Different tools for different tasks

Raster vs Vector

About color

RBG 8bit

R+G and so on

CMY... K?

Conversion issues

About resolution

DPI vs Pixel dimension

Increasing DPI = decreasing size

myths about 72 and 300

Pixels vs Dots


Top>Down hiearachy


Locking Layers

Creating Layers

Grouping Layers

Working with pictures

Getting images in from the web

Conforming Image Size to Layer Size

Image Size vs Canvas Size

Free Transform > Scale and Rotate

Free Transform > Distort

Smart Objects

Smart Object / Layer / Filter

Smart vs Non-Smart (demo)

Adjustment Layers (part 1)


Adjustment Layer vs Image > Adjustments

Spot color change (range selection)

Intro to brushes

Creating new blank documents

Foreground / Background color

Brush tip selection

Draw a lion


Undo / Redo

History panel

Docked vs Floating panels

Layer Mask

Masking Adjustment Layers

Masking solid layers

Outlining items

Cat on the Car

Adjustment Layers (part 2)

Clipping Adjustments

Stop signs

Visual effects

Creating photorealistic shadows

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur



Big Thin vs Small Bold


Picking the right font

Layer Style > Drop Shadow

Layer Style > Drop Shadow

Opacity vs Fill

Saving and Exporting


PNG 8 vs PNG 24