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Sudarshan's Blog by Mind Map: Sudarshan's Blog

1. Language Learning

1.1. Types of Languages

1.1.1. Linguistic Diversity

1.1.2. Diversity among what consitutes a language a "language"

1.1.3. Root Language or Original Languages

1.2. Types of Learners

1.2.1. By Age For Children Learning a Native Language Diaspora children learning their native language For Adults wishing to learn a new language

1.2.2. By "foreignness" of the foreign language - Spanish vs. Japanese for a Native English speaker

1.3. How languages evolve

1.3.1. Causes of languages evolving

1.3.2. Interesting linguistic etymology

2. Game Development

2.1. What educational Purpose is it required for?

2.1.1. Language Learning

2.1.2. Maths