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Academic Writing by Mind Map: Academic Writing

1. Structured

1.1. AC should have a clear structure

1.2. Depending on the type of text the structure changes

1.2.1. Essays: Introducction, body and conclusion

1.2.2. Literature review: Introduction, main body, research gaps and summary

1.3. Main focus and deep understaing of the subject.

1.4. Coherent and cohesive

2. Critical

2.1. The information should be analysed and evaluated by the writer.

3. Precise

3.1. Clear and precise language

3.2. Make sure the text is easy to read and understood by everyone

4. Evidenced

4.1. Should provide evidence to support any argument.

4.1.1. Facts

4.1.2. Statistics

4.1.3. Citations and references

4.1.4. Graphs

5. Balanced

5.1. All the perspectives of an issue should be consider

5.2. Should no be bias

5.3. The writer should demostrate their arguments are strong

5.3.1. Hedging Making the statement more uncertain: suggest, could

5.3.2. Boosters Makinf the statement stronger: certainly, clearly

6. Formal

6.1. AW uses more complex sentences structures and vocabulary.

6.1.1. NO nunbers or bullet points

6.1.2. NO Conjuctions

6.1.3. NO questions

6.2. There are academic words that are use more frequently

6.2.1. Academic world list (AWL) and Academic Collocation List (ACL)

7. Objective

7.1. The focus shoud be on the information, not the writer

7.1.1. Passive

7.2. Avoid using: In my opinion, I, We, etc