Organizational Development of EPLUS

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Organizational Development of EPLUS by Mind Map: Organizational Development of EPLUS

1. Implementation

1.1. Tasks

1.1.1. Execute the tasks as per the action plan and timeline

1.1.2. Adjust as per feedback

1.2. Schedule

1.2.1. Follow the schedule as per the timeline defined

1.2.2. Adjust schedule as per situation

1.3. Communicate

1.3.1. Ensure open communication channel to disperse the message and receive feedback

1.4. Measure

1.4.1. Apply metrics as defined in the action plan

2. Action Plan

2.1. Risk Profile

2.1.1. Risk Assessment

2.1.2. Impact Assessment

2.2. Change Management Strategy

2.2.1. Prepare steps and Timelines

2.2.2. Define actions required from the Sponsor

2.3. Metrics for Measurement

2.3.1. Adoption Metrics

2.3.2. Metrics for Organization Effectiveness and outcomes

2.4. Resistance Management Plan

2.4.1. Identify Steps and contingency strategies

3. Need

3.1. Growth

3.1.1. EPLUS Needs to thrive and not just survive. They have a stellar past record now need to ensure a good future

3.2. Competition

3.2.1. Stiff competition making industry harder to survive. Low profit margins.

3.3. Quality

3.3.1. EPLUS quality standards have been falling consistently and need to improve if the company is to survive

3.4. Dissatisfaction

3.4.1. Employees

3.4.2. Clients

3.5. Urgency

3.5.1. No future contracts

4. Business Case

4.1. Expected Benefits

4.1.1. Short term Win Bids for new projects Retain talent

4.1.2. Long Term Improved Cash Flow Build brand value

4.2. Purpose

4.2.1. Transform the Org Culture and motivate staff

4.3. Scope

4.3.1. Organizational Design

4.3.2. HR policies

5. Analysis

5.1. Organizational Culture

5.1.1. Apply Diagnosis Models

5.1.2. Decide Intervention Strategies

5.2. Requirements

5.2.1. Define the future state of the company

5.2.2. Decide scope and priority of changes