I must be getting old session 3

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I must be getting old session 3 by Mind Map: I must be getting old session 3

1. step 11

1.1. Review and evaluate

1.2. Group members

1.3. Chairman

1.4. Scribe

1.5. Tutor

1.6. Material

1.7. 10 minutes

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 3

2.2. visualize the data and theory

2.2.1. Limping, xray, risk factors (fair skin, infrequent use of sun block cream) helped in diagnosing.

2.3. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management (for the individual)

3.1.1. Osteoarthritis Pharmacological Acetominaphine NSAIDS Narcotics Corticosteroids Capsaicin(topical route) Nonpharmacological Therapy Tapping/splinters Weight reduction Diet Reduce smokinh Rest Aquapuncture Cold/heat (cryotherapy) Surgical Goals of treatment Prevent progression of diseas Minimize disability of patient Pr

3.1.2. Squamous cell cancrinoma Pharmacoligical Chemotherapy Radiotherapy Biological therapy Aldara Surgical Mohs surgery Lymphadenectomy Conventional surgery Curatige and electrodissection Nonpharmacological Massage Cryotherapy

3.2. Prevention (for the population)

3.2.1. Osteoarthritis Excercise (not over excercise) Educate people about intake of vitamin D +calcium Distribute the weight throughout the body Lose weight Wear proper shoes

3.2.2. Squamous cell cancrinoma Slip slop slap Sun blockers --> 20 mins before exposure to sun Educate people about inheriditory factors Educate about risks and benifits about sun exposure Reduce smoking Educate about medications e.g. tetracycling --> skin becomes more sensitive Make sunblockers available for shoppers Educate people who are in direct exposure to sun Soldiers are victims for SCC Make them put sun screen

3.3. 60 minutes